Invitation to Startups, Project Teams, Developers, and Investors "IDEAS Blockchain Hackathon Stanford"

October 18, 2018

STANFORD, Calif., Oct. 18, 2018 -- Blockchain enthusiasts of all ages, genders and skill levels are invited to bring their enthusiasm, skills, and creativity to at Stanford on Oct 28th and 29th, hosted by . Solo developers/coders or teams of up to five members are welcome to participate. You will spend the weekend learning new skills, competing for prizes, meeting investors, sponsors, and the local tech community, while also having fun, enjoying food, social activities and more. The free event with more than 300 participants will cover industry trends, real-world applications, open source software, and solution-based case studies. Hackathon competitors will demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies, and startups will pitch their solutions to the top investors globally. Register your team at Co-organizers and sponsors of this event include , an innovative company focuses on AI & Data Science education and consulting; , the world’s first highly...

Genomenon Partners with Rare Genomics Institute, Begins with Philanthropic Donation

October 19, 2018

Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Allows Rare Genomics Team to More Quickly Analyze Patient Data for Diagnosing Rare Diseases. announced today that they will donate Mastermind Genomic Search Engine licenses to the entire team of clinical scientists at to accelerate their work for patients with rare diseases. Rare Genomics Institute (RG) is a nonprofit (EIN: 45-3624709) organization that has been at the forefront of providing direct support to undiagnosed rare disease patients and their families since 2011. RG helps patients find a diagnosis, treatment, and cure by connecting them to expert scientists and biomedical researchers who have access to the most advanced technologies to diagnose and accelerate research. Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine powers evidence-based precision medicine by connecting patient DNA with the scientific research required to diagnose and treat cancer and rare diseases. Mastermind has the...

CityScape Insurance Now Offering Contractor Insurance in Florida

October 19, 2018

Arizona-based supplier of personal and commercial insurance programs expands services into the Sunshine State to include general liability and more for contractors. CityScape Insurance, a Mesa, Arizona-based supplier of personal and commercial insurance programs to protect homes, automobiles, businesses and more, has announced it has expanded its services into the state of Florida with affordable contractor insurance solutions that include contractor bonds, builder’s risk, commercial auto, excess liability, general contractors liability, inland marine, pollution liability, professional liability and work comp offerings.  Additionally, CityScape representatives are stressing other benefits of its contractor liability insurance services including quick turnaround time on quotes, elimination of 800 numbers, wide array of carriers and more.  “CityScape Insurance has been serving contractors in all fields since 2013,...

Free Hospitality Staffing Website and App

October 18, 2018

Staffing Website Hopes to Compete with “big job boards;” ‘PYNOT’ Uses Video Entries for Job Hiring to Help Applicants Stand Out  Job hiring portal adds a fully integrated website component in addition to  iPhone mobile application PYNOT (Put Your Name Out There), a locally engineered tech approach to job searching – has added a fully integrated website component to bring more efficiency to hiring.  The company launched their website and app last month.   Job seekers can browse the website or app for relevant job positions and apply with an optional 60-second video, produced right on their own phones.  In addition, PYNOT organizes all their applications and allows for optional resumes to be featured on their profile.  A business...


October 19, 2018

The political pressure in the contentious case that the City of San Francisco brought against migrant landlord Anne Kihagi has resulted in the media not reporting the on the part of the City or the  bias displayed by Judge Angela Bradstreet. Many of her rulings have suggested not-so-subtle favoritism and partiality, despite fairness being the bedrock of the American justice system. It goes without saying, but a biased judge should absolutely not be permitted to preside over trials. Beyond the reputational damage, Judge Bradstreet’s rulings have resulted in hefty fines against Ms. Kihagi, and not because of any cold, hard facts. Error versus bias: It is true that an error in a judge’s ruling does not translate to bias. Judges are, of course, human, so a misunderstanding of the facts or a blip of human nature is understandable. This kind of innocent and unintentional error is not necessarily a concern but might still warrant an appeal, particularly...

Most professional industries have a certifiable standard of excellence. Shouldn’t the image industry?

October 18, 2018

Well, now there is. Cindy Ann Peterson globally launched the AICI CIC Accelerator(SM) program at the  as part of the AICI New York Tri-State’s Association of Image Consultants International, Certified Image Consultant (AICI CIC) 2018 Fall Education Day. Designed as an intensive one-day .6 continuing education units (AICI CEU) course, Peterson’s Accelerator(SM) prepared students for the rigors of the Portfolio and the AICI CIC exam, which test for subject matter expertise in Appearance, Behavior, and Communication;  of an internationally certified image consultant. Peterson’s AICI CIC Accelerator(SM), the first program of this kind, demystifies the certification process and walks prospective international image consultants through the AICI CIC examination process.

Kooperation ClickClickDrive und Discoperi

October 18, 2018

ClickClickDrive is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Discoperi. Discoperi is a leading automotive startup, which develops blockchain-based solutions for drivers’ safety improvement, accidents prevention and automotive data monetization.Following our Mission to add value for all driving schools across Europe, we are partnering with Discoperi in order to make their system available to driving schools & new drivers. At ClickClickDrive we are present in markets in which more than 23.000 driving schools operate and 2.300.000 driving students attempt to get their driving licence each year.Making ClickClickDrive a perfect distribution channel for Discoperi to get awareness towards young/new drivers. ClickClickDrive & Discoperi jointly believe that inputs from System ‘Eye’ will drastically increase the learning curve for new drivers and will help anyone around with avoiding uncomfortable situations. The capabilities of offer a possibility to predict potentially...


October 17, 2018

Computer Voice Stress Analysis Systems Training.  IAVSA Training Class being held on November 5th 2018 thru November 9th 2018 at the DUBLIN OHIO POLICE DEPARTMENT.  Certified CVSA Examiner Training in Dublin OH. Certified VIPRE VSA Examiner Training in Dublin OH.  IAVSA certifies law enforcement on the CVSA and the VIPRE VSA, law enforcement voice stress analyzers. Training provided by

The State of the IP Industry: Wuamett Confirmed As Keynote Speaker, Joining Other Top Players at Elite IP Event

October 18, 2018

Jennifer Wuamett is now a confirmed keynote speaker at the 5th Annual IP Dealmakers Forum, an event for global leaders, movers, and shakers in the intellectual property industry. The event, which accepts just 200 pre-approved attendees each year, is regarded as the most elite in the industry. IP Dealmakers Forum today revealed that it had secured its keynote speaker for the event’s fireside chat: , General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at NXP Semiconductors. Wuamatt is a leader in global IP strategy and monetization, leading some of the semiconductor industry's most significant M&A transactions in the past twenty years.   The highly-anticipated forum is scheduled to take place from November 6 to 8 at the Apella event space in New York City, with attendance capped at just two hundred. The event, one of the highlights in the IP world’s calendar, is renowned for being one in which senior industry...

Nightshade Studios Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament to Be Held in Seoul on 22 October 2018

October 18, 2018

Numerous celebrities and directors in the entertainment industry are avid golfers and the sport itself is view as one meant for the aristocratic and elite. The US BusinessWeek has also done a series of write-ups and reports on golfing, indicating that good golfers usually owns superior leadership skills. Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, who was voted the best in the US business community, believes that golf and business operations have the greatest commonality.  Night Shade Studios is an international holding company with an extensive portfolio of subsidiaries that includes entertainment, food, and beverages, clothing, housing, recreation, and entertainment. In addition to...

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